At Threadmill, we believe in handmade products that support collaborative and sustainable design. However, work is not our only concern. As a committed Artisan-Made Online Store, we go above and beyond to create strong emotional ties with the communities we work with, all the while helping them reach economic independence through their craft.



Samunnat Nepal is a homegrown grassroots organization based in Eastern Nepal.   Wearing jewellery from Samunnat Nepal is like wearing some of Nepal’s colorful spirit. Your purchase becomes part of a small miracle that enriches both you and the women from the Samunnat project.

Pieces of jewellery become sources of income, training programs, legal support, counselling, advocacy, education for children, food, medicine, and a hope for a brighter future.  A future that is free from violence, exploitation and fear.

Threadmill has on its site a number of items from Samunnat.  If you see something you like and it is sold out please notify me, and you can put a hold on it for when it comes back in.  Things tend to be in “Nepal” time, but usually not a fault of theirs. Intermittent electricity and festivals where they close for sometimes days at a time.  If you put a hold on things then Ill know that a product is needed.

As each bead is hand made, please be aware that there may be slight differences from bead to bead as shown.  Threadmill endeavours to keep the range true to photo. 

Once Covid is over, you can join Threadmill to visit these wonderful creators and makers of Nepal, Burma and Beyond.




In the lush mountain countryside of Nepal, we are a group of women who make colourful jewelry to lift our families out of a day-to-day, hand to mouth struggle.

We thread strands of glittering glass beads of every kind and shape into necklaces and bracelets laughing with light and color.

In last ten years we have expanded so that we can train more village women to enjoy making jewelry at home or in rented workshops and to give their families a measure of economic security.

We, Beads for Life Nepal, is registered with the Nepali government, and its policies are in line with those of the Fair Trade Federation.


The main objective of establishing Beads For Life Nepal is to help women who are lacking skills but have the desire to improve their economic situation or to further their education, with the vision “Independency is Empowerment.”

We hope you enjoy seeing these photos of the women in the workshop, happily at work creating beautiful, inexpensive jewelry for you.



Kolpa was born with a humble vision to promote handmade goods exclusively from Nepal.

Kolpa is a social enterprise.  We work with small cottage industries run by families and communities in Nepal.  By working with these local industries, we create economic opportunities that transform their lives.  We practice safe and respectful working environment, and share the profit fairly with the makers.

Our collection is a combination of unique design, traditional ingenuity and display of true craftsmanship.  Kolpa product uses exotic and natural raw materials that have been used for generations.

At Kolpa, we strive to build and promote products that are designed to ease our life and meet quality standard.



Dinadi are convinced that social entrepreneurship is the way to bring lasting change to developing communities and into the life of the individual employee.

Dinadi exist for the jobs they can provide. Those jobs, though, would be meaningless if they weren’t good jobs that are both fair and empowering. Therefore they invest a lot of time and energy to ensure that their employees are treated with dignity and fairly compensated for the work they do.

They exclusively work with 100% super fine merino wool. Dinadi love merino wool because of its sustainable nature; naturally insulating, breathable, wicking, dirt resistant and durable and at the same time 100% natural, renewable, biodegradable and recyclable.

Unlike acrylics, Merino wool is breathable, non-clammy and has an amazing ability to resist odor and is practically self-cleansing while still being light-weight and non-itchy. As wool is a natural fiber it will stretch and conform to your size. That’s how they can make unisex pieces in one size; with wear, each piece will be sized to your individual fit.

Thermal regulating, the merino fleece is naturally insulating and allows the merino sheep to adapt to the changing weather conditions all year around – from extreme lows in winter to high temperatures in summer. The technical fiber is able to release and obtain heat depending on the environment and regulate the temperature.