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Caring for your Cashmere

A question I get often get asked is "How do I wash this poncho?" and "Will it pill?" How do you stop these pesky little baubles appearing on your garment? I get it, your beautiful new poncho no longer looks new and beautiful. Unfortunately even the highest quality cashmere can pill but if you follow this guide, there are ways to reduce this nasty pilling.

Why does cashmere pilling occur?

Pilling occurs as a result of the fabric rubbing against itself or another surface. Unfortunately pilling can occur on basically any product made from cashmere.

Can pilling be prevented?

It is very difficult to prevent pilling entirely, however, you can certainly reduce the amount of pilling by caring for your garment.

How do I prevent cashmere pilling?

Hand wash before use. Its as simple as that. As cashmere is a natural fibre it takes out quite a bit of the pilling in the initial wash.

If your washing machine has a delicate, woollen or hand wash setting that you could use, and I do you can use this setting and use a laundry detergent made for woollens such a wool mix. When washing by hand, NEVER rub the garment, just squeeze the suds gently through the fabric. Rinse through in lukewarm water until the water runs clear. Then dry by laying flat on a towel and let it dry naturally. You can even roll up in a towel to take the excess water.

NEVER hang cashmere on the line or tumble dry.

When your garment is dry it can be gently pressed with a cool iron to remove any creases.

Your new poncho should last years.

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