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A history of Threadmill

Updated: Jul 14, 2020

Threadmill is a small company run, and operated, by myself, Sandy Hadley. I have been travelling to Asia since the early 80s, and since then my love of Asia, particularly Nepal has grown as big as the Himalaya.

I have, and continue to lead treks and trips, to not only Nepal, but to the whole of Asia. I have started my own travel company called Spiritual Rebel Retreats. “Spirituality with a little rebel...for those that are interested in meditation, yoga and care about the world and where things come from but are not afraid to go out dancing until the wee hours and have a drink or two. After all, you can have your cake and eat it too!

However, my love of all things Fairtrade was a natural progression from taking tours. My love of all things beautiful and a bit exotic, has ensured me that everyone is paid a fair wage for making these products, which in term provides financial means to give children (and adults) a good education, healthcare and a better future for all.

Threadmill ensures that the suppliers it uses, comply with ethical business practices and that everyone is paid a fair wage while respecting culture and traditions.

#fairtrade #fairmade #nepal

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