Kolpa Allo Wild Nettle Finger Face Scrub

Kolpa Allo Wild Nettle Finger Face Scrub

Feels rough to touch when dry but soften when soaked in water.
Last for years.
An alternative to chemical infused face scrub.


All natural and organic made from Himalayan Wild Nettle “Allo”

Allo Is a species of stinging nettle that grows in the hills of Nepal above 1700m

Its been in the life of Nepals indigenous people for generations

This stinging nettle has multiple benefits and hypoallergenic is one of them

Put your two fingers inside and use as a face scrub

Takes away oil and dirt gently from the skin leaving you with a smooth and rejuvenating feel

The more it is used, the softer is gets

Crocheted from hand spun Wild Nettle yarn

Each product may vary as it is handmade

Supports home-based skilled women from Nepal

Care Instructions: Rinse and Hang Dry after Use.

Size: 7.6cmx5cm approx.

Materials: Himalayan Wild Nettle